Version 2.5

Estimated release date: 2019/07/01.

Functionality to be implemented:

  • ODBC for compatibility with external applications and programming languages
    (current ODBC implementation level is described in documentation)
  • Tools for migration to NitrosBase from other DBMSs (simplification of existing tools)
  • JSON support: ability to use JSON in UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE queries
  • Improvements in SQL support (current support level is described in documentation)
  • Administration CLI
  • Cluster administration CLI (Enterprise Edition)
  • Scalability: optimization of sharding mechanisms and query processing on clusters (Enterprise Edition)
  • Complex JOIN queries optimization on clusters (Enterprise Edition)

Version 2.6

Estimated release date: 2019/10/01.

Functionality to be implemented:

  • Support for third-party BI systems (Tableau, Power BI, Oracle BI)
  • Support for third-party ETL systems (Informatica, Clover ETL, Pentaho)
  • Administration GUI similar to MS SQL Management Studio
  • Migration tools, including tools for data transfer from popular RDBMSs (MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • JSON support: query results in JSON
  • Further improvements in SQL support
  • Cluster node recovery acceleration after possible crashes
  • Incremental backups and remote replication (for data transfer between datacenters)
  • User rights management, including session management and session parameters management

Version 3.0

Estimated release date: 2020/01/01.

Functionality to be implemented:

  • Full support for MS SQL Server SQL dialect, partial support for PostgreSQL SQL dialect
  • Support of MVCC transactions
  • Dynamic cluster reconfiguration: changing number of nodes and redundancy level (Enterprise Edition)